Sunday, July 29, 2007

North to Canada--

Ok this is another slightly repetitive travelogue type entry (I should just be a traveling journalist, haha), so if don't like these just take a glance and move on... Vancouver B.C has a very international feel to it and tons and tons of Sushi places. A lot of cities have concentrated areas within the city such as Chinatown or Korean town, Vancouver has that but also has many stores and restaurants spread across the city. Crossing the bridge into the main downtown area with all the condos and buildings with the mountains to the foreground gave it the look somewhat a kin to Hong Kong I thought (never been there, seen pictures only).

Ate some cheap sushi, which is seriously all over and walked around broadway and passed through downtown and gastown which is the oldest part of the city which grew rapidly around a single pub. The port feel is similar to Seattle with all the huge cranes for loading the ocean liners at the port. It would be good to see more of this place and walk around the streets- it is fairly compact in the downtown area and definitely resonates a feeling of vibrance.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Surprise Opening Act

I went to a show with Jeremy Enigk the former lead singer of Sunny Day Real Estate (very well known in the Seattle music scene). The show was really good. I really like it when artists who have gone solo are still willing to throw in a few songs from their previous projects from which they gained most of their original fans. When my friend Brock and I were entering the club I noticed the opening act listed was fronted by a guy I went to elementary school with, we talked a little after his set. Funny little coincidence, made the whole show a little more interesting, you never know who and when you are going to run in to people.

Friday, July 13, 2007


My friend Dave Gleave and I were in Boston on July 3rd. You can definitely see a lot of stuff in a day in Boston. The liberty trail downtown takes you through many historical and revolutionary war era sites. The weather was a very smooth 71 degrees with some breeze, nice. Bunker Hill had a huge monument, and I was taken back by the pervasivity of churches, Bostons Puritanical roots are abundantly evident today. In Cambridge people were nice and the Harvard campus very well maintained. Boston seemed like a very clean city with very clean public transportation (bus and rail)