Monday, October 15, 2007

Yosemite at Last

In three and a half words I describe the place as Pristine, Majestic and awe-inspiring.

I wanted to visit Yosemite for a long time-- to take a pilgramige to stand in awe of the towering granite walls of Half Dome and El Capitan (the steep rock faces you see in pictures). My friend Michael and I hit the main portions of the park which are home to the picturesque vignettes featured in many photographs. The serenity of the whole area is preserved with conservation efforts including hybrid buses which transport visitors around the park for free and thus decreasing carbon fuel emmissions. The air was fresh and water in the streams and rivers was crystal clear.

People were so nice to us that day:

1) After ripping out the gas pump hose (because the nozzle was still attached) the owner of the Qwiky Mart, said it was ok, and we went on.

2) Another hiker gave us instructions up a trail and advised we take water-- we didn't have any so he just gave us some!

3) AND WE EACH FOUND FIVE DOLLARS!!! just kidding but that would have funny.

My Rating for Yosemite: 10

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Benefits of Contrarianism--Reading?

There are major disadvantages of constantly going against the grain. It may just be a reluctance to accept the outcomes of decisions others have made if you don't feel personally involved in the decision or recognized/respected by those who made the decision.
Or maybe you just want to go explore where other have not or will not go. You can miss out on a lot by venturing off, working in the small startup opposed to the fortune 500 company.
But really, I love how when I am around people who don't read, I read more. When I am around other people read, a read a little less, because I just end up talking to the people. Interesting books probably make interesting people-- So if you like being the contrarian and want to read more-- surround yourself with people who hardly read, lonely- but interesting--