Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another day another Doctorate

While interning at the U.N I've been getting all sorts of ideas that have good potential to become a Master's or Doctoral Thesis and I even got a few people who agreed. I wondered for a briefly if I should start selling them because it seems many graduate students hit a mental barrier in coming up with and choosing a thesis to write about. Here is just one idea- A detailed study of the tansfer of power from royalty to society.
This idea would basically look at the differences in countries that transformed themselves from a Monarchy to a Democracy. Obviuously some countries have done this far more effectively which tend to correlate with a happier and more empowered people. Assuming the role of governments is to help provide some order and benefit to the populace this would look at general quality of life indicators before and after in countries like Spain, the Ukraine, Canada or others. It would at macroeconomic indicators of growth compared to disimilar parts of the world.

The idea could be huge (ie a long book) and you could also cross-analyze dictatorships with theocracies, socialist societies with more capatilistic natured countries. You could even do a comparitive analyses within the country's demographics and geographic regions to unlock what types of governments are seen as more favorable to different peoples. Fascinating- and hopefully not too boring.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Passing intelligence

We benefit or hinder those in our close proximity. Both the good and the bad can be passed on through absorption in social, genetic and in familial relationships. However some skills transfer better than others. Well duh, but how does this apply?

Does having a friend who is fluent in a language you are not benefit you at all be it a foreign language, a programming language, legal jargon or whatever. Not really, unless it allows you to unlock a door previously shut by your own lack of knowledge. But if a parent has that capacity they may have passed that same capacity onto you as well. Some aptitudes can be passed on from close relatives- but not always- So a parent who has certain skills, knowledge or abilities may be a positive point but not always.

Really I think our closest colleagues have a powerful impact on how well and how much we learn. The influence of our colleagues sets much of our expectations and probably often determines how high and fast each member flies. Since most people are neither the fastest or the slowest but in "the middle" (of the bell curve) most will gauge their expectations to the closest visable realization of their groups definition of "success". Just like in a race most are faster than the slowest runner yet slower than the faster runner. Moral here: Be your best- Aim high, and of course be a fast runner!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rainy Sunday thought

It's been dark and rainy all day here in New York. I was thinking about some goals in life and then this thought hit me: "What talents, gifts, abilities do we now posses which are currently dormant because we don't have the wisdom to see or use them, or possibly we are aware of them but don't take the intitiative or time to develop them".

I believe our potential are not as limited as we often may think. I think we very often remember when we learn new things or aquire new skills- there remains a greater portion of unused potential, ideas, knowledge or whatever that we have not tapped into yet.

I believe ideas fed by action create more and better ideas which can be put into action as well, and thus the process continues.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mr. Jorgensen goes to Washington

I went to Washington D.C last easter weekend. Although it snowed a little bit it, the main sites around the Washington Monument were great and I saw some of the Cherry Blossoms still in bloom. There are quotes everywhere from former presidents, some much more inspiring than others. From Roosevelt there was a quote about not letting your fears of today determine your future, and from Jefferson there was a quote about maintaining the right to freedom of mind and thought. It's good stuff- I like Washington.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Percentages of life

Ok my roomate said this would be a hit. I noticed I've lived 1% of my life in New York- so I added up all the months of my life and time spent in each location. And so these are the locations of my life with percentage thereof. I don't think these percentages correlate with actual influence each location had, but who knows? (Each is listed with months and then percentage)

Total Months: 302

Brazil (Mainly Northeastern)
24 months
Seattle, Washington
200 months
Rexburg, Idaho
40 months
California (half Bay Area, half Southern Ca)
8 months
New York
3 months
27 months

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Free thinkin

Which regions and re'li'gions of the world allow most freedom to think? Do these areas correspond to high levels of entrepreneurism? Living for 1% (3 months) of my life in this interational hub called New York and spending most of my waking hours at the U.N learning about all kinds of different countries culture, politics and history has caused me to wonder about this.

No big idea or concept yet- I was just fascinated this morning contemplating different regions of the world which are predominantly various branches of Animism, Buddhism, Christianity, Confuscism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism- I was so fasinated I scribbled ideas onto paper for about 10 minutes. It would very naive to assume religion has and does affect heavily regions of this planet.