Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hong Kong Vignettes

Seriously if people took pictures quicker my eyes wouldn't be closed, it was so bright and eyes are really sensitive

This is an awesome view of Victoria Harbor up on the Hill--- Tons of tourists---and the view is awesome.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sunny Daze

I got in my car today and put in an Sunny Day Real Estate pink album. The music brought back so many memoriesof being 15 and listening to the lead singer Jeremy Engicks unimitatible voice and melodic layering of guitar, bassand drums. I cranked up my car stereo. The pink album was their second album but the first of theirs I heard. I found out about them from someone in an internet chatroom. It took me morea than a few listens to get into it, the soundis more distant and less accessible along with the instruments and voice being much quieter than their other recordings. But as I listened to the tracks in my car it was nostalgia mixed with euphoria knowing that music could still express those same feelings it once did.

The band broke up right after this record and the lead singer Jeremy became a born again Christian. The bandreunited to do a couple more albums before pursuing other projects. They had a small but very dedicated groupof fans all over the country. Sadly they have been widely credited to have been a prime influence to emo music,even in this wikipedia article here their genre is listed as emo...ridiculous. This is something the band has denied or been clueless of. There music is so much deeper and involved than the emo trash I've heard.

This will be my favorite of theirs, and it reminded me of how much sounds shape you over time. I went to a JeremyEngick concert summer 2007 with my friend Brock Judkins, he played a bunch of new stuff and some old stuff, itall had the same passion as before.

Check em out--- the new band Paramore has been doing a bunch of covers from Sunny Day, they sound pretty good with a girl singer

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hong Kong Pictures

A view from the Buddhist temple on Lantau island in Hong Kong

Causeway Bay--the epicenter of coolness in Hong Kong.

Korean Pictures

Downtown Seoul the financial district. Ella took this picture and told me this river was new to the city.

Ella knows the best Korean in town--- This was near the historic place called Insadong.