Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Gmail increase in value as more of your friends use it. I recieved an invite to join in early 2005. Now a lot of people have it, but some don't, and I don't always understand why-- its so useful.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Time after Time

I have thought a lot about time lately. I listened to a scholar on NPR who was held in Iran for 8 months. She was in her 60's I believe, and said she wasn't mad about the experience, just mad at the lost time, she explained that 8 months is a long time for an a person of her age.

Really, I contend its a long time for any time of life. You only have so many hours and days and weeks to learn the right lessons, read the right books, meet the right people and ultimately make the best choices which will in theory grant to each what they want. And so much of time is travelling to work or school or waiting for our next job or class to start or to move to a new location.

And then there is the constant concern of not having done the right things in the past tense and trying to make up for lost time. Also there is the mental blockage we apply to many experiences in my life. College has to be done by the time I'm 22, my Master 24 full time job at 25. I have to make X amount by the time I'm 30 or live in a house. Own my own company by 40 or run for President before 60, or whatever.

And in the meantime while everything is speeding up; individually and collectively time slips away- too the point which some distract themselves with music, movies or whatever, and a few even console themselves by blogging it out.

Sometimes I think those who deserve more time, seem to be short of it, and those who don't appreciate it have plenty of it.