Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Costa Rica-worth the sunburns (for now)

For about 7+ years I have really wanted to go to Costa Rica, I don't even know completely why. Starting a couple of years ago I would take a picture of myself on my cellphone in the greenhouse and would tell people it was a picture from a recent trip to Costa Rica-hoping that the greenery with convince them for atleast a minute or two. It usually didn't work, but now I have pictures and multiple witnesses. Its quite a paradisically beautiful country with volcanos, rainforests, misty mountains and sunny beaches.

Here is photographic overview of my trip:

This is from the canopy tours, a few hundred feet in the air-- spectacular view of so many trees/plants.

Arenal Volcano- still an active Volcano with flowing lava and usually cloudy on top

I like this picture because it shows some of the natural beauty of Costa Rica. There were so many moments where we just sort of stood in awe at something like this.

The first beach at Manuel Antonio Park. We did some body surfing and built sand castles here. Mine was the strongest, if maybe not the best looking.

This is in some deep rainforest, I think we were going for the hanging from vines Tarzan look.

Below: We did a rather intense short hike to get to this beach, which we actually left right after this picture, because we wanted something with more sand. From left to right: Me, Fiorella, Maria, Laren.


Brock said...

First it was the cell phone... now it looks like you gone to great lengths to Photoshop yourself into pictures of Costa Rica. When does the madness stop?

Seriously though, that looks like fun.

Akana 'Ohana 2008 said...

UAaaaU que lindo!!! Todos parabens pra vc e eu tbm!! Foi muito divertido...muito obrogado pelo convite Marc. Um abraco, seu amigo havaiano, Laren

Zach said...

I hope someday i'll be able to go there...

Livi said...

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaarc COOL pics! Cool vaca. Lets call and discuss.