Saturday, February 9, 2008


So for a long time I really didn't get very sick. I would feel a little sick a few times a year for about a day or two, that's it. Then two years ago right after the bird flu scare started I got really sick for 7-8+ days. Since then when I get sick it lasts 4-5+ days, although it doesn't happen very often.
So I have learned with Anti-Biotics that the more people use them the more the strand of the bacteria is strengthened. So theoretically over time the bacteria that causes you to get sick with the flu will make you more sick for a longer period of time than it did before.
So I don't have much to base this off of, but I think Antibiotics have been overused, and right now I am anti antibiotics.


125pounds said...

Correction: It isn't a bacteria that gives you the "flu" It's a virus. Some bacteria can give you a cold, which is different from the flu. Influenza virus is caused by... influenzavirus, of the Orthomixoviridae family. :)

Marc Jorgensen said...

wow, I guess I sit corrected, since I am sitting as I write this

Livi said...