Monday, March 3, 2008


My favorite comment I overheard in Hawaii was while I was down by Waikiki, it went like this:
Woman: "No, I like Hawaii"
Man: "uh huh"
woman: "I would just like to change the people of Hawaii..."

Unfortunately I didn't catch the rest. But here a couple videos from last Saturday in Oahu:

These are what they use to practice with for when they twirl fire. I had it for a little while, it was pretty fun while a bit frustrating to balance the stick on your thumbs just right.

Sunset Beach-- Great for surfing, the sand pebbles were huge and so soft.


Niu-Gift said...

I'm thinking PCC should really contemplate recruiting you to work as their next Palangi fire dancer. Bravo. And on that beach video... I couldn't help but notice, was that some kind of tribal tattoo on your arm? Maybe it was just a shadow... Anyways, next time you and Dre go somewhere cool like that, invite me. I promise i'll eat sushi.

Livi said...

Marc - I am JEALOUS of all your travels. Good for you - you rock.

Dumuro said...

See Here or Here