Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I try not to make boring entries of each book I have read recently, but its still fun to self indulge in a bit of that. This book fascinated me almost instantaneously due at least in part to my University BYU-Idaho (almost anyone reading this blog already knows this of course) recieving Dean of Harvard Business School Kim Clark as University President in 2005. I was increasingly fascinated by the school (Business school and every other school attached to the Harvard name) and materialized itself more and more as a real institution as I saw the personification of the qualities it represented in Kim Clark during many meetings and events I attended on campus.

The concept the title is demonstrative enough--- HBS students are at the top end of the curve, so even the lowest performers (bottom 25th percentile) are far ahead of nearly all students at other business schools. The book is focused on what its like for a non-business/journalist to go struggle through 2 years of rigourous business training in classes with image crazed over achievers.

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