Monday, August 10, 2009

The end of Google as we NOW know it

It appears the seeds to the decline of web domination of search which Google commands today are in place, and have been for some time. Primarily this could be attributed to:

A) Web 2.0 has developed several major hits which provide primary sources of information (twitter, wikipedia, facebook), completely skipping the need for a search engine to find a websites. For a large portion of the past 10 years people didn't know which sites they would want to use, so they had to use Google to find them, now they have.

B) Search alternatives such as: , ,, all combined will most likely never equal half of what has today in search traffic. But as they grow Google will decline.

C) IBM, Microsoft, Intel. All large technology companies who underwent (or are currently undergoing) major alterations in how they make money to combat competition and avoid obsolescence. My guess, 1 to 2 decades from now, Google will have undergone something similar to what these companies went through.


zolsen said...

It's getting to the point where a link from Twitter is more valuable than a link from a Google search results page because a twitter link comes pre-qualified from a real person in your social network. Those links = trust. Therefore, my search engine of the future prediction: an engine that crawls sites where people post links as reccomendations/suggestions like those posted on twitter, facebook, yelp etc.
So you type in "restaurant in Seattle" and instead of getting results like Google gives, you get results of people and what they have said about restaurants in Seattle.
Then you can refine the results based on the type of people giving those recommendations, so you say, "I want the links that come from men ages 20 - 25 who are into techno." Then you get results tailored to your personal life.

Rachel Niu said...

I think you should add me to your "blog roll." P.S... didn't read the post bc I might not understand it.