Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"No Marketable Skills"

My roomate has a friend who does pump up type enthusiasm motivational stuff for high level executives, according to him she lives in New Zealand and they fly her out to wherever so they can be excited about what they do for work. My roomate Jason told me she said "I have no marketable skills". That makes me wonder what marketable skills are, and what people are willing to do to have the motivation to use those 'marketable skills'. By marketable skills I guess this includes using Microsoft Office, proffesional writing, mathematical/statistical analysis or other skills along these lines. Having Marketable skills makes a big difference- but not all the difference.


alex said...

I believe that historical work ethic coupled with drive has a great impact on what others view as marketable material.

Marc Jorgensen said...

well put.

zach said...

you got to be as versitile as a swiss army knife in this day and age