Friday, February 9, 2007

Supply Side Climate Change

Ok, the stern report that came out last year which predicated a global increase in temperature and spoke of the economic implications of the increase.

I wonder about the Supply Chain side of the climate change. If the media forces are telling people the earth is heating up and the seasons are losing or increasing in severity, and people believe this to a point of changing there living habits, how does this change supply levels needed?

Will property values increase in some regions and decrease in others? If so, which regions will increase or decrease (summer condos in the Yukon?)? Will transportation become slower and more expensive from weather conditions or possible disaster increases? Will bottled water sell out earlier in the summer season, and cost more later?

Basically my point is there could be big business in preparing for the economic changes as a direct or indirect result of people becoming more aware of climate change/global warming and the implications thereof.

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