Sunday, May 20, 2007

Easy Friends

Since being at the United Nations in January, meeting people has been, well... let's say interesting. People always conciously or not calculate how much how time effort or thought they wish to devote towards a new aquientance they meet through a friend, at a party, social gathering or randomly on the street. In New York for most young college educated people the questioning goes something like:

1) Where are you from?
2) How long have you been here? and
3) What do you do?

This is the clincher for many in deciding whether than can really relate to this person, or have any interest at all with further association.
I've noticed that certain places seem to get people excited and they really seem to care about knowing you as more than a forgotten name, based simply off of whether what you do is exciting, lucrative, or otherwise intersting to them.
I've noticed the U.N more often than not fits the bill of prestigous and intriguing place for many people, and people want to be your friend.


Atelan said...

Well, something that is known worldwide as an important entity as is the UN (now, whether its importance is real of just an act of marketing is a different story) people will always want to associate with you because you are associated with something important.

Back home a lot of people want to associate with Americans just beacuse they are Americans, they don't care if they are the most rotten human being there ever was, the fact that they can associate with someone who associates with the most powerful country in the world is what matters.

I do believe this situation to be kind of sad at times... true... because it leaves so little room for actually knowing the person and simply relying on an association to judge the character of the person.

Marc Jorgensen said...

Yeh, might was well just take whatever positive thing you can get to win friends and influence people.