Tuesday, May 15, 2007

JetBlue CEO voted out

I have basically loved the whole concept of JetBlue since the first time I flew on a commercial airline in 1995- 5 years before JetBlue made their first flight-. I always thought service could be more meaningful and the whole experience of flying should be fun. In Fall of 2003 I found out about JetBlue from a news special I saw in Business class, I was totally taken back. There was a certain excitement and enthusiasm about the flying with great service, nice seats and T.V's all standardized for a low cost. It was like the airline I had been imagining should exist.

Behind most of what JetBlue is today are many great planners, advertisers, and people who implemented the venture, but the most significant portion of what created JetBlue is the founder and now former CEO David Neeleman. His whole persona and track record convinced investors this idea would fly, and it has been largely very successful since its inception.

It's amazing how big ideas come to fruition. It makes you wonder what you are really capable of, and more importantly gives some inspiration to find out.

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