Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rainy Sunday thought

It's been dark and rainy all day here in New York. I was thinking about some goals in life and then this thought hit me: "What talents, gifts, abilities do we now posses which are currently dormant because we don't have the wisdom to see or use them, or possibly we are aware of them but don't take the intitiative or time to develop them".

I believe our potential are not as limited as we often may think. I think we very often remember when we learn new things or aquire new skills- there remains a greater portion of unused potential, ideas, knowledge or whatever that we have not tapped into yet.

I believe ideas fed by action create more and better ideas which can be put into action as well, and thus the process continues.

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Katarina said...

That exact thought process made it hard for me to settle on a major and continues to make it hard to settle on a career. There is always the idea that I could do this or that really well if I went that route but there is also a concern that if you spread yourself too much you also become an expert in nothing so - tough call. But I'm all for breaking the daily routine and trying new stuff. You feel better about yourself when you acquire new skills.