Thursday, April 19, 2007

Passing intelligence

We benefit or hinder those in our close proximity. Both the good and the bad can be passed on through absorption in social, genetic and in familial relationships. However some skills transfer better than others. Well duh, but how does this apply?

Does having a friend who is fluent in a language you are not benefit you at all be it a foreign language, a programming language, legal jargon or whatever. Not really, unless it allows you to unlock a door previously shut by your own lack of knowledge. But if a parent has that capacity they may have passed that same capacity onto you as well. Some aptitudes can be passed on from close relatives- but not always- So a parent who has certain skills, knowledge or abilities may be a positive point but not always.

Really I think our closest colleagues have a powerful impact on how well and how much we learn. The influence of our colleagues sets much of our expectations and probably often determines how high and fast each member flies. Since most people are neither the fastest or the slowest but in "the middle" (of the bell curve) most will gauge their expectations to the closest visable realization of their groups definition of "success". Just like in a race most are faster than the slowest runner yet slower than the faster runner. Moral here: Be your best- Aim high, and of course be a fast runner!


Livi said...

Does this blog mean you should be smarter because you work with me?

Zach said...

I think its a no-brainer that being around people who are better than you make you push yourself to become better as well. Or sometimes when your around people that are better than you, you try to bring them down to your level becasue their success revels your own inadequacies which makes you feel like crap. So insted of pushing yourself to become better you push for them to become worse. These are the nay-sayers and criticizers.

Atelan said...

I like that last paragraph and I think it holds much truth to it. I didn't believe it before until I was able to experience it first hand by finding myself in a position where I spent a lot of time with someone who I look up to and respect a great deal.
The interaction that I have with him allows me to push myself even further than I do it when alone, his influence and a desire to be worthy and deserving of him makes me want to be the "fastest runner."
Who would've thought that after all, that saying in spanish is true: "Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres."