Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ferret Surprise

Sleeping on a couch at my friends condo on Lake Michigan was great until I woke up around 3:30. They had told me just before I went to bad that they had two ferrets who slept under the chair in the room, but that I would be fine if I zipped up my bag because they like to crawl into things. So I zipped up my bag and fell asleep for a few hours.

I don't what it is that makes me a little nervous about Ferrets, maybe how they wander around and stick there bodies nose first into anything object they are able to, or I was scared they might nibble on me as I slept? But When I awoke I could here them wandering around the room energetically. I thought if I held still they would ignore me. After I shuffled my feet and arms several times to stop them climbing up the couch I got up. With intense curiosity kept crawling towards me and since I've never even held a Ferret I wasn't really comfortable doing so now. I turned on a light and they followed around the apartment through the kitchen and dining room area. One was albino and the other brown with a stripe and together made a tag team cornering me as I backed away from them around the apartment. The more I moved away the more interested they seemed to become. The albino ferret had red eyes so I don't think he had good vision since he would pause a little as he came close and wouldn't stop until I brushed a pillow at him.

Finally as the sunrose I came up with a plan. There was no cage, but I figured I could lure them in the bathroom and they would be fine for a couple of hours as I caught up on lost sleep. I used a stick and lured them in seperately. It took awhile but after about 10 minutes both were inside the bathroom and made little noise.

Chicago's Millenial park is pretty cool and the city skyline deserves some eyetime.

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