Friday, November 30, 2007

Probably never will

So you get through Airport Security having de-shoed, placed your laptop in a separate crate, put every remotely liquid related item in a tiny plastic bag and on occasion frisked by a TSA agent. Then they pull out some item like deodorant and tell you its a whole ounce to heavy and ask in a polite and calm tone "would you like to go back and check it with your luggage, and come back through?". Are they joking? Seriously they can't seriously be asking that question. It took a significant amount of time and emotional energy to just get through that line, and they think you might consider going through again and waiting behind another person who doesn't understand which metallic objects will set off the alarm?

I've never seen anyone actually go back and check the item the TSA agent said couldn't go through, probably never will.
P.S In Bon Voyage Charlie Brown, all they took off to go through airport security was their watches, what a time.

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