Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How British

I am minus $300, minus one blackberry and plus one trip to London than I was 6 days ago. The weather in London is similar to my native Seattle only a little warmer and less drizzly.

I was really impressed with how nice and informative most Londoners were to me as a tourist--( I mean they get millions of us a year, so you wouldn't be surprised if they got a bit jaded). They seemed enthusiastic in answering even no brainer questions like which "This (the house of parliment isn't Big Ben is it?...oh just around the corner...(duh)"

Leicester square has a cool vibe and nightlife scene. The china town of London is quite a bit cleaner and brighter than China town/NY.

Its always best in my opinion to learn and visit places with someone who lives locally-- So when I saw the Thames river for the first time it really was impressed firmly in my mind how filthy that river can be as my friend Nick (who I stayed with) took a big spit right into the river!!

The first 6 months of this year I was in NY doing an internship at the U.N. While there I came up with this concept (in March 2007 blog entries) that people move around city to city or country to country and usually stay in neighborhoods they lived in previously (ie similar levels of education, economics, culture etc.). And I we saw another case in point as Nick and I left the library of the London School of Economics we bumped into 2 people who also interned at the U.N during the same period earlier this year!! At first everyone was surprised, but aftwerwards not so much since really people with similar interests, goals and connections who bumped into each other once have a fair chance of bumping into each other again before too long.

Hyde Park is really nice the autumn leaves were coming out really well. I met a nice girl from Canada who went to school in London and works in Hong Kong who gave me directions how to get to Victoria Station. And it was funny that almost everyone else I met had no idea which buses or tubes (subways) went to Victoria station or anywhere else! It's like "I don't know how to get anywhere in this city, I just live here", but they were nice about there ignorance.

I firmly believe that London (and probably most of Europoe) has the best drinkable yogurts. I bought 4 or 5 of them in one night, thats how good the blackcherry flavor was!

I also lost my blackberry so I have no cool digital photos to download here., just plain stuff off the internet..


Territorial Soufleé said...

How very awesome. What's the deal with your blackberry? That's pretty interesting about people's ignorance, but I think in really big cities people have their traditional routes. Their neighborhood or section of the city has everything they need so why go to a different. Not all are the inherent explorers that we are

Livi said...

I'm totally jealous. Glad you had fun in Londra.