Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lame phone calls

I was pranked called last night. Someone called and didn't say anything around 11:30. I heard a girls voice in the background as I said hello about 4 times. Really only a few people have my new number so there is only a few it could be.
For reals though, call up someone and don't say anything? What happened to creativity. They didn't even shield there number so I called back and the girl said hello and then hung up, lame. They (I could here two girls giggling each time in the background) called back with a disquised number 2 minutes later and connected me to some girls voice mail, I hung up in boredom as I heard "Hi you've reached Jessica..."
I have done some prank calling, the least you can do is make it entertaining enough to keep it going. No dialouge? Just silence and giggling? I would be ashamed if I were entertained by that. Prank calls are for talking, I would not even dignify those calls by calling them worthy of being prank calls.

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Zach said...

The funniest prank call: pretending to be Jay while asking out girls in the ward.