Monday, December 10, 2007

Times Square

I think its funny how much I feed off the energy and enjoy the atmosphere in Times Square. It seems most true New Yorkers and seasoned visitors of New York will not normally deign to grace the square with their presence and will generally avoid it when the tourists are there (which is nearly always). Most of the stores and restaurants target a very suburban not too savvy tourist.

But I had my radio show in High School (89.3 KASB Bellevue), I studied T.V production and how advertising and commercials and brand promotion worked. Plus I grew up listening to my older siblings play the music and talk about Broadway shows.

I guess all the lights and T.V screens synergize into an epicenter of media that fascinates me. Atleast it did when I first saw it in January and it did last weekend.


Territorial Soufleé said...

Hey i've got a advertising idea: Times Square. Isn't it about Times?

eh? whaddya think? Nobody's done that right?

125pounds said...

I am thinking about not reading your blog anymore, it just makes me too jealous that you travel so much and I have to be stuck in Rexburg.

Beth said...

I think I stood in that exact spot once. . .only it was day light and about 3 and 1/2 years previous to your given date. SWEEET!