Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Amazing Lectures

I am fascinated by these Stanford Lectures. Two of them I have heard (Google, eHarmony) are great. I learned that 200 people are married each day that met on eharmony, and that they have rejected 1.5 million people for things like being married 3 times. And now I know most of Googles ideas come from everyone at their company. Google News came from a worker who after 9/11 became a news junky and everyday looked at his favorite 15 news sources, and one day he decided to sort them. If you like fresh innovation and achievement, you gotta check these out!


Atelan said...

Google news is the best thing to have happened to online news, specially since it has the feature of actually sorting the kind of news you want to see.

Are there anymore Stanford discourses available?

Marc Jorgensen said...

There a bunch available through that link- I am not really sure beyond that- but probably if you dig.