Saturday, March 17, 2007

I love Kimchi

I vistited New York's lovely Korea town off 34th st yesterday with two fellow interns. I had not eaten Korean food in a while. The scents in the restaurant took me back to my high school friend Peter Park's house where I ate Korean food many times. I ate a piece of the pepper aftern my intern friend Ella said they were not supposed to be too hot. My second bite burst tears out of my eyes-and as I write this I feel it a little bit again- and my mouth felt on fire for about 5 minutes. But the pepper taught me a lesson, it's like it screamed at me: "Wake up!, you don't wander through life quietly, there's a world to be experienced!". So that's my new motto and I owe it all to that pepper/Korean food. And the Kimchi was great


Atelan said...

I like kimchi... not a whole lot, but it's alright when you feel like trying something new. I like kimpa better, that's WAY good.

BTW, make sure you do not eat kimchi before cuddling with a girl, it will not make a good experience for her.

Ella said...

Are you okay? Haha. Sorry, I did not expect that pepper to be so hot either. Still, it was fun, wasn't it? What's kimpa?

See ya tomorrow.

Zach said...

I used to avoid spicy food but now that I've been in Mexico, I've really grown to like it. Now if there is no picante its no good.