Monday, March 19, 2007

Sticking to Strengths to Look Smart

If you always particpate and work with things and people you are naturally good with, it is easy to lead in then you look smart. Stepping outside of this zone however, is an increased risk to trip, fall and look dumb to everyone. Why? because you are not sticking to your strenghts. I think we should generally stick to our strengths- it gives more opportunity to excell and lead in our area of choice. Stepping outside our 'comfort zone' of things were naturally good at can do even more to enhance our strengths. This could be analagous to excercising your heart- this improves all other areas of your physical health. Our how climbing a mountain makes living in a valley seem easier.

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Marc Jorgensen said...

I guess this post either wasn't well thought out- or not a good thought provoking post- or maybe nobody read it. hhmmm