Sunday, March 11, 2007

Little Italy- Everyone getting older

Little Italy is really little. The restaurants are bright, the foods delicious, and you definitely pay for it. I went on Saturday, the bread was so good. Having good bread when you first sit down is a great thing for the customers. And the restaurant can get away with putting less food in the entree dishes. 3 groups were sung happy birthday while we were there; seems like a place where people enjoy getting older in style.


Scout said...

Yes, I completely agree that Little Italy is getting "littler" by the year. And don't you agree that it is also encroaching upon Chinatown?
What happens when they finally just become one?

Spaghetti with Soy Sauce?
Dumplings with Marinara?

Really, people, we should be worried.

Myung Jin said...

Yam~ I want some of that bread, too! In Seoul, there was this great Italian restaurant near my school called Solemio, (Ella and I went there one time -or more) they have the greatest garlic bread before entree! Their pasta is also really good, but I sometimes go there to get that garlic bread. Yammy~!

Marc Jorgensen said...

I am not sure if Chinatown is losing ground to little Italy, Little Italy still seems pretty little-but if they were just one? That would be cool- maybe some really cheap Italian Food with Chicken made from Rats!! (jkjk)