Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Moving All Over and Never Leaving Home!

I was listening to my friend Nick(he's sitting on the right) speak with an acquaintance on the phone when they discovered they each lived in New Canaan Connecticut and the same area of Surrey England. Coincidence? Yeh a little, however under closer examination maybe not. Why not?

Well it really seems that people most often live in places based on 1) What they can afford and perhaps slightly more important 2) What they are comfortable with. A kid growing up in a suburb of Atlanta is probably more likely to live -if he moves- in a suburb of Chicago or Denver or San Francisco or wherever which will probably have a similar demographic makeup as the one he grew up in. People from rural small towns in the inner mountain west often eventually stay in rural areas with towns with similar population sizes.

This is definitely not always the case, but I believe is more common than not. Often people in socio economic brackets keep some distance from each other, so it is easier to bounce around the world in the hot spots and bump into the same faces.

Obviously changing countries or states or areas within states where the economies is significantly different has a huge affect. The point here is that often when people move address and actual city or town name changes, but the city or town itself doesn’t. The Wall Street Journal lists every Sunday the property value in select zip codes across the country. You meet people from those places and find out where they have lived, their friends they see on the weekends, often their extended families live in those same select zip codes. It’s easy to change locations, but with respect to the values and standards and way of life that emanates each city; we generally stay close to home.


Nicholas said...

Haha. First of all, you are right - interesting point. Secondly, how do you manage to come up with such geniosity, considering you have to do evaluations and have NGOs barking down your throat all day? You may want to have one of the subordinate interns write as you dictate, so that you don't waste precious time. We cannot have your brain indisposed!

ps. tell the others I said hi.

Zach said...

So could this be a reason for more polarization between classes as people do not mingle with each other enough?

Marc Jorgensen said...

It's nothing new really, but increasing polarization, probably so.

Brock said...

This will be interesting when I move to Seattle, then. Did you know that I was born in Moses Lake?

Atelan said...

Again, I think I am one of those for whose this is N/A.